About JaQueen's and Her Things

JaQueen's Things was originally founded in 2010 as a sorority clothing company. As an extremely passionate entrepreneurial free spirit, I couldn't just limit myself to making one specific Thing! My need to create is insatiable and anyone who knows me can attest I am always leaving glitter wherever I go.

But first, to answer the question I know you are asking as everyone does...'um, JaQueen?' As creative (and ...unique) of a nickname JaQueen is -- I promise you there is meaning behind it! My name, Jacquelyn, is the French way of spelling it and I had a teacher attempt to pronounce it as so during attendance one day. To his dismay, he failed terribly and unintentionally renamed me JaQueen for the remainder of the year.

Having entered into that bittersweet, exciting yet overwhelming chapter that turns Facebook into an engagement ring store and wallet into a never ending bridesmaid fund, I found myself creating new Things! Now that I find myself in the wedding decoration, favors and gift industry, I find JaQueen to be most appropriate as every bride should feel like a Queen not just on her big day, but leading up to it as well! 

If I can take some of the stress and frustration out of the wedding planning process then I am happy. What better way to spend my creativity and energy than helping happiness and love create lasting memories in people's lives. I just LOVE love and found myself getting involved in almost every friend (and friend of friend's) engagements, showers, bachelorettes and wedding decorating. 

So, please take a look around at all of my Things and please let me know if there is anything you don't see as I love creating custom orders or special request items!